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Let's break the cycle, love...


Think of this as your "Emotional Detox." 

This is a 7 week combo package which includes coaching and healing sessions, including 1 integration week to help you break the energetic ties to your negative experiences - conscious or subconscious - manifesting as the limiting beliefs that are making you feel unworthy, unseen, or misunderstood. 

As a trauma informed, intuitive energy worker, and transformational self-worth coach, I will gently guide you towards finding and releasing the root cause of your pain and blocks around love, career, and abundance so you can heal your self-worth and boost your confidence. 

I use a combination of inner child healing, guided meditation, cord cutting, mindset coaching, personalized affirmations, subconscious reprogramming of limiting beliefs, installation of new positive belief systems, and energy clearing with Emotion Code. Learn more about this offering by clicking the "Please Read to Learn More" link in the box below.