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Ouroboros Healing


What is an Ouroboros anyway? 

The Ouroboros [oor-uh-bohr-uh s] is one of the oldest known symbols, tracing back to Egyptian iconography, representing renewal and the cyclical cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


When left with nothing to eat, the serpent feeds on its own tail, becoming the "ouroboros.” It can sustain itself and become its own source of nourishment and life. Or it can too quickly consume itself and be the cause of its own destruction.


I chose the Ouroboros to reflect a symbolic "choice point.” Ultimately, we all have to make the choice to be our own source of power or to be consumed by our circumstances. We face this choice multiple times in our lifetime because our healing, growth, and evolution is cyclical, not linear.


My journey with healing my own toxic relationship patterns connected me to a soulful calling to help other womxn empower themselves into a better life. 

It's my mission to help high achieving professionals heal from toxic relationships, perfectionism and people pleasing so they can break the cycle of generational trauma and redefine their relationship to work, rest, and productivity.

I believe that when we begin to heal our trauma we discover the real reasons motivating us to "achieve" and "succeed". Instead of "hustling" from a place of fear, scarcity, or lack, they begin to navigate life with intention, clarity, and grace.


My desire is to help you move through a healing process to discover what truly aligns with your heart's desires so you can experience more peace, joy and fulfillment!

So how does unprocessed relational trauma manifest?

People pleasing and giving your power away


Practicing Self-Abuse through negative self-talk and extreme criticism of yourself


Not voicing your needs for fear of judgment, rejection, or retaliation


Self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, food, sugar, or constant "busy" work


Repeating the same relationship dynamics with the same "type" of partner


Endlessly chasing achievement, status, and productivity and burning out


Feeling like no matter what you do, it's just not good enough 


Looking to others for fulfillment, validation, and direction


Hi! I'm Nicole.

Welcome to my corner of the interwebs! I'm so happy to connect with you here! I’m a Xicana, intuitive, bruja, energy healer, and empath living in the mystical mountains of  Crestline, CA with my fur baby, Khaleesi.

If you’re a female-identifying soul with a history of unfulfilling or toxic relationships with lovers, friends or work that leaves you confused and depleted - you’re in the right place.

My approach bridges the world of human psychology and somatic energy healing. Together, we'll uncover the deeply buried roots of your blocks and heal them holistically.

As a 1st gen Mexican American, my personal journey to heal my toxic relationship patterns uncovered a world of generational trauma, systemic adversities, and a gnarly case of perfectionism that I had no idea was all interconnected. I also understand the world through my ADHD brain and how difficult it can be do just get it right when you're trying so hard. I see you.


This inspired me to give a whole lot of fu@ks about womxn who were struggling with the same confusion I was. I connected to a soulful calling to help other womxn empower themselves into a better life and ultimately break the patterns subconsciously learned from caretakers. 


After toxic relationships (familial or romantic), most people experience a loss of self - and this can manifest as a lack of self-trust in every aspect of your life. Hello imposter syndrome!! 


I'm here to be a gentle reminder that this is temporary and managable with the right support!


It's 100% possible to heal your self-worth, rediscover your own magick, and live a LIFE YOU LOVE!! 

I'm here to show you a gentler, quicker, and easier path to your goals.

- xoxo Nicole 

Bride and Groom in Nature

Ready to ditch toxic relationship dynamics and heal the wounds of generational trauma?



A 5 point pathway to healing self-worth and embodying your divine feminine power

This is a 5-month group program for souls READY to step into their power. If group work is not your thing, we can also work together privately, just book your clarity call to get started.

Whether you're navigating a soul awakening or looking to transform your confidence, this process is here to guide you through shifting your relationships from toxic to empowering, especially the one with yourself!

In 5 months, you'll be on your way to embodying your divine feminine power and aligning your life to what or whom you truly desire... and move beyond your fears! 

If you're ready to release the fear or self-doubt that overpowers you or your relationships, click on the link below to start your transformation. Spaces are limited.

ReClaiming Program


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I had been pretty successful academically but rough on myself after a series of bad relationships. During the pandemic, I had found myself newly unemployed, anxious, and craving deep healing. I was starting my spiritual journey and had already done a lot of shadow work, inner child healing, and emotion code. I wanted to find a program that expanded on these practices and allowed me to feel more empowered, supported, and consistent with my journey! I found that and more! 

Nicole always has such a warm and inviting spirit. She makes you feel seen, heard, and validated every session, and she's definitely available for one-on-one talks as needed. I always felt comfortable being vulnerable and knew that with her compassionate and active listening skills, I would be supported the entire journey.

If you are hesitant about joining a group program or are not sure how you can make it work, do not give up! If you feel called to deeply heal and find yourself, join! Self-development and healing can seem intimidating at times, but it's definitely worth the commitment. Your life will drastically change for the better with the skills, tools, healing, support, and empowerment you get from the program.

- Jill



​(RE)CLAIMING is a one of a kind 5-month healing program that helps womxn and non-binary souls reclaim their self-worth and release years of unconscious generational conditioning that manifests in relationships.

(RE)CLAIMING teaches you proven personal development skills so you can master self-awareness, manage triggers, reclaim self-trust, heal survival patterns, and confidently reconnect with the subtle whispers of your intuition.

It's time to feel empowered! To make choices in alignment with your highest good and send a ripple effect to all areas of your life - regardless of the opinions of others or your harsh inner critic.


As you heal your survival patterns you will shift from defensiveness to responsiveness. You'll feel whole and deserving of the life or partner you desire and have the confidence to go after it. 

This program is founded on 13 years of discovery through my own healing journey. As a trauma informed holistic coach, my goal is to ensure you feel safe and seen as you journey into the shadow work necessary for deep healing. It would be my highest honor to guide you through your next transformation. 


There is powerful energy when womxn gather in circle. The group itself serves as a deeply transformative container where each person is held with compassion and receives 1:1 judgment-free support from me.


During our 5 months together, you'll build on and embody the following key milestones: ​

Month 1:
Self Awareness

Month 2:
Self Acceptance

Month 3:
Self Forgiveness

Month 4:
Soul's Journey

Month 5:
Feminine Ritual

Become the observer through centered awareness and release judgement to master your triggers and reactions.

Learn how to heal your inner critic and identify any addictions to achievement, productivity and people pleasing.

Connect to your heart's desires, inner joy, and discover your Soul's journey by tapping into your own Akashic Records. Connect to past lives, soul contracts, and heal through soulful awareness. 

Understand how your survival patterns and attachment styles manifest so you can see yourself with compassion and release the shame, blame, and guilt that keeps you from moving forward.

Learn the basics of manifestation and how to create a sacred altar space. You'll connect to a personalized ritual to practice and deepen your craft, whether you're a seasoned witch or a baby witch.  


  • Each member of the group will get a set of 5 CPTG doTERRA essentials oils. Each plant spirit was intentionally selected to perfectly support you emotionally and spiritually as you move through each month's theme.

  • As a bonus, each member will get their own special set of oils to use during their unique manifestation ritual.

  • 22 weeks of deep healing, learning and transformation, which includes 5 integration weeks to allow your system to process each month's teachings and energetic release.

  • 2 hrs live weekly sessions,1:1 deep dives, and Q&A with me.

  • Access to course modules with lecture videos posted weekly - available to watch and rewatch at your own pace.

  • Private group to discuss topics, connect, and share your wins and challenges

  • Sisterhood Support! We will become your safe haven to heal, process, and release

  • 1:1 access to me via email, text, and phone for any extra support you may need.

  • Zoom recordings of each live session are uploaded and yours to keep forever.

  • Worksheets and journal prompts as homework to keep you accountable.


In this group you will be seen and you will be heard. You will contract and you will expand, being supported along the way. You will listen to the stories of likeminded souls, and in your witnessing contribute to their healing. Through your own transformation, you will inspire others.


The path to the most effective healing and enlightenment will be, and has always been, self love.

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