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I had been pretty successful academically but rough on myself after a series of bad relationships. During the pandemic, I had found myself newly unemployed, anxious, and craving deep healing. I was starting my spiritual journey and had already done a lot of shadow work, inner child healing, and emotion code. I wanted to find a program that expanded on these practices and allowed me to feel more empowered, supported, and consistent with my journey! I found that and more! 

Nicole always has such a warm and inviting spirit. She makes you feel seen, heard, and validated every session, and she's definitely available for one-on-one talks as needed. I always felt comfortable being vulnerable and knew that with her compassionate and active listening skills, I would be supported the entire journey.

If you are hesitant about joining a group program or are not sure how you can make it work, do not give up! If you feel called to deeply heal and find yourself, join! Self-development and healing can seem intimidating at times, but it's definitely worth the commitment. Your life will drastically change for the better with the skills, tools, healing, support, and empowerment you get from the program.

Jill W.

Nicole gave me something I never thought I'd have...a sense of self, clarity, love for myself I hadn't known prior. Her support and care are truly priceless

Dalyn V.

Nicole has taught and given me the tools that have helped me control my emotional state, wellbeing, and spiritual connection. Instead of allowing myself to spiral and being consumed by intrusive thoughts, I've learned how to witness myself with love and compassion. Nicole taught me how to understand the root of these spirals, and how to bounce back with ease and grace. The entire experience I felt loved, safe, supported, and held exactly how I was in that moment. Never judged, pushed, or forced into any practice I wasn't ready for. Nicole is extremely intuitive with each session.


I just had to let you know how great I am feeling! You truly have a gift! Thank you so much for releasing my negative emotions. I can’t believe how much better I feel, it is truly amazing. I don’t mean to be gushing but I have never been able to relax and not have something worrying me. Thank you again!

Debbie M.


Thank you so much for today - what a gift! I’m seriously tripping out that the pains I’ve had for so long are gone. I absolutely feel so much lighter in every sense. You’re definitely meant for this path and I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to unfold for you.

Luna C.

Nicole and I did my first emotion code session in May 2019. It was a remote session, as I live in Portland, OR but it was still very impactful! During our session - we really got into some deep wounds that I've struggled healing on my own throughout my life. Many of these were centered on negative experiences with my parents as a child, and some negative experiences as a young woman and teenager, experiences that made me feel unworthy. Nicole and I focused on this feeling of unworthiness and healing this pain. We spent two hours working, meditating, breathing and releasing. After the session, I felt pretty tired.


What followed that next weekend felt like what I can only describe as a heart opening. Since our session, I have released a lot of resentment I had been harboring, and released some feelings and perspectives that were no longer serving me. I feel more confident, and happy with myself - more resilient. I think that emotion code is a very unique healing experience, and I am looking forward to going deeper on this healing path with Nicole


I felt like I sloughed off generations of emotional trauma and baggage.

Nicole’s sensitive intuition, compassion and empathy created a space for healing on a level that I wasn’t even aware I needed healing. I left the session feeling lighter and more uplifted. I would work with Nicole again in a heartbeat!


Getting an emotion code session with Nicole was a powerful healing experience.

As this was my first encounter with this particular modality, what I really appreciated about Nicole’s approach was her clarity and steady pace. I felt completely safe, held and informed every step of the way. Through our session I was able to uncover what was blocking me emotionally, and what needed to be expressed. I am still feeling the effects of the experience long after we connected, which is quite a rare and profound thing. Nicole is a gifted practitioner who I will work with again. She’s the real deal.



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