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Meet Nicole

My work centers on helping you heal your toxic relationship patterns so you can find a deeper love within and move on to attracting supportive relationships that are more aligned with you and your life goals.

About Me

I’m a Xicana, intuitive, bruja, energy healer, and empath living in the magical mountains of Crestline, CA, with my fur baby, Khaleesi.


After years of planning and saving, I was able to quit my job to pursue this path 100% in Feb. 2021. It’s a literal dream come true to work full-time as an energy healer and mentor. I help womxn reclaim their self-worth after losing themselves to toxic relationships. This can be romantic, family, or work relationships.

I use a holistic healing approach that focuses on the subconscious mind, emotional body, and energetic body through a variety of modalities, specializing in Emotion Code, Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling, and the Akashic Records. I’ve always gravitated towards the esoteric and the cosmic. My hunger for knowledge in these areas is never satisfied and I’m totally happy being a forever student.

As a trauma informed, intuitive energy worker, and transformational self-worth coach, I will gently guide you towards finding and releasing the root cause of your pain and blocks around love, career, and abundance so you can heal your self-worth and boost your confidence. 

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Ouroboros Healing supports female-identifying souls by providing a loving, supportive, and judgment-free space to heal from relational traumas by teaching folx how to transmute the roots of their pain, specifically how to identify and heal generational trauma within their lineage, so they can align themselves with a deeper love of self and build healthier relationships with others. 


I provide free resources, free community workshops, education through social media, collaboration with other BIPOC womxn, 1:1 coaching, and transformative group work that helps folx reclaim their sense of self, their voice, and connection to source. Through the decolonization of spirituality we can learn to embrace our uniqueness, live authentically, and see that WE are the answers we seek in our efforts to help each other rise above the collective pain. 


As the head witch at Ouroboros Healing, a Xicana, bruja, energy healer, and empath - I aim to show up as vulnerably and honestly as I can in order to help others feel seen. That means sharing my perspectives or education that speaks to commonly shared experiences within my community - like being a 1st gen, daughter of Mexican immigrants, and navigating oppressive environments while tackling internalized -isms and soulpreneurship with a neurodivergent brain.


I believe in the importance of representation and storytelling because it inspires change and is a catalyst for self-empowerment.

I believe in holistic healing with an emphasis on healing and mastering our limiting beliefs - regardless of how they came to be. This allows us to show up as better versions of ourselves, fully capable of living lives that are in alignment with what our heart desires most.

What we believe about our self-worth will determine what we strive to achieve and the love we deserve; what we do is essentially our behavior, and how we behave is essentially who we are. 

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Who I Work With

My healing space is open to women and non-binary souls who are comfortable with topics that center around the experiences of women. I offer this space judgement free, regardless of race, religion, gender expression, or sexual orientation. For ease of writing, I will use the term "womxn" to include everyone mentioned above. 


While I support womxn through a variety of life's hurdles, you should reach out if you're committed to healing the unresolved emotions and relationship trauma that's been blocking you from the life and love you desire - one that is supportive, safe, and expansive.


Working on yourself at this level means you're ready to dig deep. You kind of need to be tired of the bullshit and 100% committed to your healing because you know it's time to break the cycle. You reach a point when you are no longer available for another toxic relationship and you desire a different kind of life and love.


I understand the soulful need you yearn to fill, trying to do so with things, people, achievements, and experiences ...often unsuccessfully. In most cases that “need” is actually the rediscovery and reclaiming of your own fiery light, inner joy, and divine feminine POWER. This embodiment comes as a right of passage through your personal healing journey..and why I named my program (RE)CLAIMING!


It may be time to work with me if you're:

  • Struggling to find joy in your relationships. 

  • Noticing recurring toxic patterns in your relationships.

  • Tired of reliving the same mistakes and the same heartbreaks with different people. 

  • Unknowingly attracting toxic relationships with narcissistic lovers, friends, or colleagues.

  • Unable to enforce your boundaries, which has you feeling like a doormat 

  • Unable to express your needs, or say NO 

  • Struggling with overwhelm, which leads you to shut down or lash out. This can lead to self-abuse, self-abandonment, and/or self-sabotage.

  • Chasing status and achievement only to feel burnt out and unfulfilled. 

My Healing Journey

I’ve walked hand in hand with my Shadow many times but becoming an energy healer was NOT on my list of things to do. Per my 25-year-old self, I was on track to being a high-powered creative director, working in advertising at Ogilvy, probably a man-eater of some sort who drank a lot of Gibson Martinis and made a shit ton of money. But no, life took a sharp turn, crashed, and burned. My awakening was knocking HARD and this was a call I HAD TO ANSWER. 

My awakening started "ruining my life" around 2012 - perfectly aligned with my Saturn return. I remember feeling very lost and super depressed. I had been working mostly project based freelance jobs, which was (very) unstable work, and I was dealing with chronic anxiety and uncertainty about the future. All this sprinkled with dashes of unemployment and panic attacks. So you know, things were going super!


Much of this anxiety stemmed from my employment struggles around the 2008/09 recession. Every part of me felt unstable and chaotic. I was literally in survival mode for years and I easily adopted a “scarcity mindset”.


So I was laid off again and pretty sure I...

My Healing Journey

After my last breakup, my sweet roommate, Christina, introduced me to a community at The Spirit House Collective, run by AJA in Eagle Rock, CA. I had a place to go inward with support, all the esoteric knowledge I could dream of, and a judgment free space to connect with other like minded women. This is where I eventually met my own coach, and found my soul sisters! 


For the first time I felt seen and heard. I cried a lot at first, and I went deep into the Shadow Work I knew would heal me from the inside out. No blaming others or myself. I was no longer available to be a victim of my circumstances, I was ready to create the life I wanted. I became a student and dove deep into my healing with workshops, readings from other practitioners, and certifications in Reiki, Akashic Records, and later Emotion Code. I listened to Abraham Hicks daily, read books on witchcraft, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, trauma healing, attachment theory, and worked on my self love through moon rituals.

I've learned that my wounds were old. Ancient, even. They've lived lifetimes, resurfacing over and over again, waiting so long to be healed. While I’m healing lifetimes of abuse and self-abandonment I simultaneously heal my generational line. 


Healing our ancestral trauma and releasing the patriarchal systems and expectations for ourselves in our relationships is the key to fostering a love that is unconditional and flows with ease. For this reason, working with other women of color is important to me. Everything I’ve experienced as a woman of color allows me to offer a very unique dose of healing medicine. 

At the "end" of my awakening I was no longer fumbling through life or second guessing myself. I was actively manifesting more money, supportive work environments, powerful sister witches I could lean on, and FINALLY I felt free to open up and receive love. I was ready to hold space for a love that was sacred because I loved myself first.


Today, I continue to do the work, even when it's hard...because healing will always be cyclical and our life, body and soul will always ask for our attention in certain areas so that we may re-align accordingly to maintain our PEACE.

My Bliss

So here we are. This is my Bliss.

It’s meeting womxn just like you. It’s reminding you that you are more than your experiences, you are stronger than the voice of fear you sometimes hear, and that your value is not dependent on what you do, how you coped, how you look, what your abuser did, or what your productivity level was this week.


My Bliss is holding space for my clients in our first session. In that moment I'm so excited for them because they chose to put themselves first. Simply by showing up, they are creating space for a magnificent crystallization of themselves in an alternate future reality. 


There is nothing more rewarding than watching my clients rediscover their own brilliance, clicking those ah-ha moments together as they lay the groundwork for monumental shifts that bring them closer to the life they want...Nothing better!

If you feel called to work together, I invite you to reach out and see how I can help you reach your healing goals and start living life beyond the fear.

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