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3 Weeks: Emotional Detox + 1:1 Coaching

Get started with 1 session a week for 3 weeks - $444

  • 1 h
  • Zoom!

Service Description

This is a 3 weeks healing package with coaching for $444 If you're curious about healing work this is for you! A lot can happen in 3 weeks ;) At the end of the day our self-worth affects all our decisions and our internal dialogue. So how you think affects how you feel ..which also affect how you show up in life! I LOVE helping high achieving professionals heal their trauma wounds and redefine their relationship to work, rest, and productivity. My clients heal the symptoms of trauma that we're all familiar with as high achievers: burnout, perfectionism, people pleasing, overwhelm... by getting to the ROOT! ... and you can too! As a trauma informed, intuitive energy worker, I gently guide you towards finding and releasing the root cause of your pain, as well as any mental and/or emotional blocks so you can heal your self-worth, boost your confidence, and live a life you love full of JOY. During our sessions I will teach you how to deeply connect to your body and your intuition using transpersonal and somatic coaching techniques. You will also begin the process of rewiring your neuropathways so you can start THINKING differently and begin managing stress and anxiety during the other 50% of life that is kinda hard and super frustrating. #adultingishard WHAT IS EMOTION CODE & HOW DOES IT WORK? The Emotion Code system uses applied kinesiology, a form of muscle testing and asking simple yes or no questions to find, decode, and release years of Trapped Emotions that are connected to your specific blocks. Trapped Emotions are the energetic imprints of your negative experiences that are still being held in your body and energetic field. Emotions "trap" when they are either too big to process or comprehend... for example, when we're kids we don't really have the words to express what we're feeling or we freeze and simply can't express or release the energy that comes with a scary or traumatic experience... big T or little T, it makes no difference to the body. If you're ready to feel lighter and more like yourself, book this Emotional Detox mini-package right now! I'm looking forward to guiding you through this beautiful and powerful healing journey. xoxo Nicole

Cancelation Policy

There are no refunds for missed sessions. 24 hour rescheduling notice is required via email to or you forfeit the session missed. For special events - Rescheduling your session will depend on availability of remaining sessions. Each session is unique and will depend on your unique needs, background, current situation, and levels of trauma to work through. Like most healing, it is cumulative, non linear, and unfortunately, you will not be "magically healed" with one session, sorry! I'm happy to answer any questions you have, just reach out to the email provided above.

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