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It's always a good day to start investing in you.
Let's break the cycle, love...


“I have become very aware of what no longer serves me vs. what is good for me because I have become energetically sensitive and attuned to myself after months of working with Nicole on energy work. This has allowed me to have higher standards for who I allow into my life, who I date, and how I am treated."



Jessica K.


Welcome to your "Emotional Detox." 

These offerings mixes energy work, inner child healing, and compassionate coaching.


I will gently guide you towards finding and releasing the root cause of the limiting core beliefs blocking you from giving or receiving love, enjoying a fulfilling career, an abundant life, or effectively managing the inevitable challenges of a busy, modern day womxn's life.

A previous client told me our sessions were like untangling a giant knot and getting clarity on all the ways the knot was connected.


Whether you were brought here with a desire to manage anxiety and overwhelm, move through anger, or understand a compulsion to push others away, know that this is a major step in healing the ways your trauma responses may be affecting various aspects of your life.


I hear this all the time... "OMG I thought I was over that!?"


Time does not heal trauma or its pain and healing the symptoms will inevitably get to the root cause when you work with a qualified trauma informed practitioner. Processing and releasing the energy stored in your body is what will bring relief.

Check out the offerings below to see which one is right for you! My door is always open to answer any questions:


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