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It's always a good day to start investing in you.
Let's break the cycle, love...


Think of this as your "Emotional Detox." 

This offering mixes energy work and compassionate coaching to gently guide you towards finding and releasing the root cause of the limiting beliefs that are energetically blocking your from giving or receiving love, a fulfilling career, or an abundant life!

How?? Well, simply put, with awareness comes healing. How can you heal something you're not even aware of right now? Or maybe you think you've over something that happened 15-20 years ago, but there she is just hanging out in the back of your subconscious, your wounded inner child just waiting to sabotage you in the name of self-preservation!


I hear this all the time... "omg i thought I was over that!?"

Check out the offerings below to see which one is right for you!