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The Ouroboros [oor-uh-bohr-uh s] is one of the oldest known symbols, tracing back to Egyptian iconography, representing renewal and the cyclical cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


When left with nothing to eat, the serpent feeds on its own tail, becoming the "ouroboros.” It can sustain itself and become its own source of nourishment and life. Or it can too quickly consume itself and be the cause of its own destruction.


I chose the Ouroboros to reflect a symbolic "choice point.” Ultimately, we all have to make the choice to be our own source of power or to be consumed by our circumstances. We face this choice multiple times in our lifetime because our healing, growth, and evolution is cyclical, not linear.

xoxo Nicole 

Are you 1st gen? Or a womxn of color?


Are you a high achieving professional struggling with perfectionism and/or people pleasing? 

Are you struggling to manage overwhelm and anxiety?

Do you feel disconnected and desire more clarity and confidence?

Are you curious about deepening your spiritual connection with source and manifesting your highest self ?

When high achieving women heal the wounds of perfectionism and people pleasing, it becomes a catalyst. It's a GAME CHANGER.

We begin to understand the real reasons we are motivated to "achieve" and "succeed". This is especially important for our 1st gen sisters, who have a uniquely complex relationship to work, survival, and success.
These discoveries allow us to move away from "hustle culture" - from denying our needs, wants and desires. We are no longer motivated by fear, scarcity, or lack.

We begin to move with ease and grace towards the things that INSPIRE US - that speak to our 
soul and fills our cup.

We become ALIGNED. 
Pure Beauty

It's always a good day to start investing in YOU.
Let's break the cycle, love...



It's always a good day to start investing in YOU.
Let's break the cycle, love...




a Trauma Informed Team

Feeling called to work together but still have some additional questions? I encourage you trust to that gentle nudge and reach out.

To get started, book a complimentary Clarity Session designed to:


  • Get clear on your personal healing goals and how I can support you through this journey.

  • Get clarity on what's REALLY holding you back from reaching the next level in terms of health, relationships, career, or general fulfillment in life. 

  • Identify any toxic patterns or self sabotaging behaviors keeping you stuck and overwhelmed.

  • Explore the path to healing your trauma with support and start seeing a vision for reclaiming your life back. 

  • Answer any questions you may have

I look forward to meeting you!

You can also check out what previous clients are saying down below.

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