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Ouroboros Healing

Helping you (re)claim self-worth so you can find love - inside and out.

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What is an Ouroboros anyway? 

The Ouroboros [oor-uh-bohr-uh s] is one of the oldest known symbols, tracing back to Egyptian iconography, representing renewal and the cyclical cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


When left with nothing to eat, the serpent feeds on its own tail, becoming the "ouroboros.” It can sustain itself and become its own source of nourishment and life. Or it can too quickly consume itself and be the cause of its own destruction.


I chose the Ouroboros to reflect a symbolic "choice point.” Ultimately, we all have to make the choice to be our own source of power or to be consumed by our circumstances. We face this choice multiple times in our lifetime because our growth and evolution is cyclical.


Hi! I'm Nicole.

Welcome to my corner of the interwebs! I'm so happy to connect with you here! I’m a Xicana, intuitive, bruja, energy healer, and empath living in the magical mountains of  Crestline, CA with my partner Mike and our fur baby, Khaleesi.

If you’re a female-identifying soul that has a history with unfulfilling relationships or you've recently left a toxic relationship, you’re in the right place.

If you are hurting right now, I know what it feels like to lose yourself, doubt yourself, and wonder if you'll ever feel whole again. A loss of self can affect every aspect of your life and I'm here to be a gentle reminder that it is temporary.


It's 100% possible to heal your self-worth, rediscover your own magick, and live a life you LOVE!

My healing journey with self-worth, divine love, and breaking toxic relationship patterns has connected me to a soulful calling. I even quit my job to share my story and empower womxn to transform their lives... because I don't want anyone to feel like they'll never be whole or like they'll never find love!


If reclaiming my self-worth, manifesting my person, and perusing my passion was possible for me, then it's possible for you too!!


I'm here to show you an easier path there. 

- xoxo Nicole 

My healing journey with self-worth, finding divine love, and breaking toxic relationship patterns has connected me to a soulful calling.

So how does unprocessed relationship trauma manifest?
  • People pleasing and giving your power away

  • Not voicing your needs in fear of judgment, rejection, or retaliation

  • Repeating the same relationship dynamics with the same "type" of partner

  • Feeling like no matter what you do, it's just not good enough 

  • Practicing Self-Abuse through negative self-talk, and extreme criticism of yourself

  • Practicing Self-Abandonment by neglecting your needs and boundaries

  • Self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, food, sugar, or constant "busy" work

  • Endlessly chasing achievement, status, and productivity only to feel burnt out, disappointed, and unfulfilled

  • Looking to others for fulfillment, validation, and guidance


1:1 WORK

The common thread between my clients and their blocks around attracting abundance, romance, and a career they love is low self-worth. 


For this reason I continue to center my healing services around helping womxn process the experiences that make them feel unworthy, unseen, or misunderstood.



Ready to decode your programs and patterns?

Using the Emotion Code system, we'll release your Trapped Emotions and break the subconscious & conscious connections to the past traumas and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from living your full potential.

Emotion Code uses applied kinesiology or "muscle testing", to find and release 100s, even 1,000s of Trapped Emotions. I also use my gifts to connect to your guides & spirit team so they can direct me towards whatever needs our attention most in that moment. Everything flows freely!


We commonly refer to people having “emotional baggage” or having "too many walls up" - this prevents them from connecting with others on a deeper level. 

Emotions are Energy in motion. Sometimes we're not able to fully express our emotions or it's too big to process and the energy gets stuck in the body. This usually happens when we don't have the coping tools to fully process an emotion.

Removing your trapped emotions breaks the subconscious & conscious connections to the old hurts and past traumas that are holding you back from achieving your dreams and living your best life.


"Inherited Trapped Emotions" get passed down from parent to child..sometimes going back into the generational line for hundred of years. Inherited Trapped Emotions are essentially the energetic manifestation of Generational Traumas.


A beautiful thing that happens when clearing Inherited Trapped Emotions is that we are able to connect to your ancestors while simultaneously healing you and any other lateral generational ancestors affected, allowing their souls to fully rest in peace.Clearing generational trauma prevents it from being passed to your unborn children too.


As a trauma informed coach and healer, I use Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling to help you gently process whatever may arise during a session. TSC is a deeply supportive and incredibly gentle way of re-connecting you to your own inner guidance while moving through and releasing stagnant energy.


You'll learn how to connect to your needs and desires beyond the voice of your inner critic, fear monsters, abusers, or anxiety. That way you can effectively communicate your needs, hold your boundaries, and take action towards what's what you value most. With this coaching you'll have a new tool for your toolkit to support you in your healing journey, for the rest of your life.


My clients have described feelings of total lightness, like a giant weight has been lifted.
Pain or tension goes away immediately when the root cause is emotional. Yes, really!

Removing your trapped emotions and your "Heart Wall" is the most effective way to clear the major blocks that are sabotaging your love and abundance goals.

Tropical Leaves



I felt like I sloughed off generations of emotional trauma and baggage.

Nicole’s sensitive intuition, compassion and empathy created a space for healing on a level that I wasn’t even aware I needed healing.



Nicole gave me something I never thought I'd have...a sense of self, clarity, love for myself I hadn't known prior. Her support and care are truly priceless.


Thank you so much for today - what a gift! I’m seriously tripping out that the pains I’ve had for so long are gone. I absolutely feel so much lighter in every sense.



You truly have a gift! Thank you so much for releasing my negative emotions. I can’t believe how much better I feel, it is truly amazing. 



No matter how much we "want " something, when our subconscious mind and energetic frequency is saying NO, it's nearly impossible to overcome these blocks without intervention.


✧ Releasing the energetic memory of trauma from this life or a past life

✧ Clearing away Generational Trauma by releasing inherited trapped emotions

✧ Balancing the Chakras by clearing away any trapped emotions & limiting beliefs living in the Chakra

✧ Healing a broken heart 

✧ Removing your energetic "Heart Wall", which blocks out things like connection, abundance, love, and self-love

✧ Healing chronic pain that has manifested from your trapped emotions

✧ Sleepless nights

✧ Releasing Stress and Anxiety

✧ Clearing any negative belief systems and core beliefs 

✧ Releasing your emotional blocks around love, abundance, opportunity, creativity...etc

✧ Releasing emotions like Guilt, Shame, Jealousy, Fear, Worthlessness, Hatred, Effort Unreceived, and so many more.

It's 100% possible to heal, rediscover your own magick, reclaim your self-worth and live a life you LOVE!
Need More Clarity?

If you are feeling called to work together but still have some questions, please book your FREE 1-hour Clarity Session below.


On this call we'll discover where you are needing support, learn what patterns may need healing, and how I can support you.

You will walk away feeling supported and having more clarity about what you desire for your life - whether you decide to work with me or not. :)

Group Work Offering



A 5 point pathway to healing self-worth 

This is a 5-month group program for souls ready to radically transform their lives.


This program is here to guide you through your awakening and help you transform your self-worth so you can shift your relationships from toxic to empowering.

In 5 months, you'll be on your way to embodying your divine feminine power and living a life that's in alignment with what or whom you truly desire to be... beyond your fears. 


Click on the link below to join the Wait List and be the first to be notified when our doors open for the next group!


Don't wait, spaces are limited.


I now have the tools to recognize my anxiety and tackle it head on vs letting it consume me.

I learned to recognize my triggers, deal with my anxiety in a productive manner and learned to establish boundaries. Nicole’s support and guidance is priceless.

Nothing is hopeless. You have greatness within and the means to cultivate it. Don’t give up.

- Dalyn



Ready to ditch the negative belief systems that are putting you in toxic relationship dynamics? If so, you're in the right place!


​(RE)CLAIMING is a 5-month group program that helps womxn and non-binary souls reclaim their self-worth while releasing years of unconscious programming, shame, and guilt that's been wreaking havoc on your life. 

(RE)CLAIMING gives you proven personal development tools to help you master self-awareness, stop triggers in their tracks, reclaim the connection to your body, and confidently connect with your higher self. You will feel whole and deserving of the life or partner you desire - and have the confidence to go after it! 

When you learn to embody your unique and divine feminine magick, you'll be empowered to make choices in alignment with your highest good - sending a ripple effect to all areas of your life. 

This work is founded on 13 years of discovery through my own healing journey and certifications in Reiki, Emotion Code, Akashic Records, and intensive training in Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling.


As a trauma informed healer, it's my goal to help you feel safe and seen. It's my highest honer to guide you through the shadow work needed to heal and integrate into your next transformation. 


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I had been pretty successful academically but rough on myself after a series of bad relationships. During the pandemic, I had found myself newly unemployed, anxious, and craving deep healing. I was starting my spiritual journey and had already done a lot of shadow work, inner child healing, and emotion code. I wanted to find a program that expanded on these practices and allowed me to feel more empowered, supported, and consistent with my journey! I found that and more! 

Nicole always has such a warm and inviting spirit. She makes you feel seen, heard, and validated every session, and she's definitely available for one-on-one talks as needed. I always felt comfortable being vulnerable and knew that with her compassionate and active listening skills, I would be supported the entire journey.

If you are hesitant about joining a group program or are not sure how you can make it work, do not give up! If you feel called to deeply heal and find yourself, join! Self-development and healing can seem intimidating at times, but it's definitely worth the commitment. Your life will drastically change for the better with the skills, tools, healing, support, and empowerment you get from the program.

- Jill


There is powerful energy when womxn gather in circle. The group itself serves as a deeply transformative container where each person is held with compassion and receives 1:1 judgment-free support from me.


During our 5 months together, you'll build on and embody the following key milestones: ​

Month 1:
Self Awareness

Month 2:
Self Acceptance

Month 3:
Self Forgiveness

Month 4:
Soul's Journey

Month 5:
Feminine Ritual

Become the observer through centered awareness and release judgement to master your triggers and reactions.

Learn to heal your inner critic and identify any addictions to achievement, status, productivity, and people-pleasing.

Connect to your inner Joy and discover your Soul's journey through a personalized Akashic Records reading. 

Understand how your survival patterns and attachment styles manifest so you can see yourself with compassion and release the shame, blame, and guilt that keeps you from moving forward.

Learn the basics of candle magick for manifestation and how to create a sacred altar space. You'll connect to a personalized ritual to practice and deepen your craft, whether you're a seasoned witch or a baby witch.  


  • Each member of the group will get a set of 5 doTERRA essentials oils. Each plant spirit was intentionally selected because it's perfectly suited to support you emotionally and spiritually as you move through each month's theme.

  • As a bonus, each member will get their own special set of oils to use during their unique manifestation ritual, mailed out to you at the last month.

  • 22 weeks of deep healing, learning and transformation, which includes 5 integration weeks to allow your system to process each months teachings and energetic release.

  • 2 hrs of live, weekly sessions with lectures, 1:1 deep dives, and Q&A with me.

  • 1:1 access to me via email, text, and phone for any extra support you may need.

  • Zoom recordings of each session are uploaded and yours to keep forever.

  • 7+ Worksheets and journal prompts as homework to keep you accountable.


In this group you will be seen and you will be heard. You will contract and you will expand, being supported along the way. You will listen to the stories of like minded souls, and in your witnessing contribute to their healing. Through your own transformation, you will inspire others.


Nicole has taught and given me the tools that have helped me control my emotional state, wellbeing, and spiritual connection. Instead of allowing myself to spiral and being consumed by intrusive thoughts, I've learned how to witness myself with love and compassion.


Nicole taught me how to understand the root of these spirals, and how to bounce back with ease and grace. The entire experience I felt loved, safe, supported, and held exactly how I was in that moment. Never judged, pushed, or forced into any practice I wasn't ready for. Nicole is extremely intuitive with each session.

Have compassion and awareness for yourself in this moment. Understand where your triggers are coming from, love yourself without judgement, and move forward.

- Daisy

The path to the most effective healing and enlightenment will be, and has always been, self love.

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